Delzone corona discharge 110V ozone generator will plug into your Nu-Wave Spa Control.

Ozone generator

Ozone generators reduce traditional chemical (chlorine/bromine) use by 60-90%. Ozone is fast gaining world-wide recognition as an alternative sanitizer to chlorine in your pool and spa. With ozone, water is treated up to three thousand times faster without undesirable by-products such as chloramines and bromamines (created by use of traditional chlorine and bromine chemicals). - Ozone's primary by-product is life-giving OXYGEN!

Key Ozone Benefits
Eliminates red, irritated eyes & dry, itchy skin
Eliminates foul chlorine/chloramine odors
Reduces constant repurchase of chemicals
Eliminates replacement of faded swimwear
Eliminates foaming "bathtub ring" & environmental worries
Eliminates environmental worries
Reduce traditional chemical chlorine/bromine use 60-90%
Reduce handling and storage of unsafe chemicals

120V, 90mA, 11W, 60Hz
240V, 90mA, 22W, 60Hz

Molded Plastic

Unit Size: 5.0"W x 6.0 "H x 2.5"D

Capacity: Up to 750 gallons

Shipping Weight: 2.0 lbs.

Warranty: One Year

Single CD Chip: All CD chips are rated for 9,000 hours of operation.

Components: SpaEclipse ozone generator, ozone supply
tubing, ozone supply check valve, mounting screws, hose clamps, and installation manual.

The SpaEclipse is DEL Ozone's first Corona Discharge ozone generator for residential spas. In addition to the advantages of Corona Discharge ozone technology, the SpaEclipse saves money because the Corona Discharge chip uses less energy (no lamp, ballast, or starter) than an ultraviolet generator and the chip costs less to replace.
The SpaEclipse uses solid state electronics to eliminate voltage spikes that can upset spa-pack electronics or trip the G.F.C.I. Finally, water backup into the SpaEclipse will not harm the unit or trip the spa's G.F.C.I.

Price: $112.00
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