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Waterway Executive 56 Frame Spa Pump, 3HP, 230V

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: $350.00
Part Number: 3721221-1D
Manufacturer: Waterway Plastics
Manufacturer Part No: 3721221-1D

Buttress Adapter
Waterway Executive 56 Spa Pump, 3HP, 230V
Waterway Plastics 56 Frame Executive spa pump wet end
assembled to a 56 frame, 3hp, 2-speed 230V hot tub motor
This spa pump has a 2 inch intake and a 2 inch discharge for plumbing 
(but measures 3 inches - see bottom of this page) Use Part No. 415-6010 Buttress Adapter  to convert to a 2-1/2 inch intake
Manufacturer Part No. 3721221-1D, to replace 3721221-13 use buttress adapter  to make 2-1/2 inch
Other Part No. PF-30-2N22C

  • Executive spa pump wet end designed specifically for 56-frame spa motors
  • Two double shielded ball bearings with moisture resistant grease for quieter operation and longer life
  • Two speed spa motors have four sets of insulated windings for increased efficiency
  • 56 frame spa motor for added strength, cooler operating temperature and longer motor life
  • Large 6-1/2" diameter wet end for higher head pressure
  • Split capacitor, (start and run) for less energy consumption
  • Thermally protected to extend life expectancy of the spa motor
  • Highly versatile spa wet end can be rotated every 90 degrees
  • Viton seal
How to measure for the 4hp 56 frame Executive spa pump wet end:
              Pump Union Fittings for Executive 2" and 2-1/2 Plumbing                                                         Use Buttress Adapter for 2-1/2 intake

Manufacturer Part No. 3721221-1D , to replace 3721221-13 use buttress adapter Other Part No. PF-30-2N22C

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