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Galaxy Saturn Series Spa Pump, 56 Frame, 240V, 5hp

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Part Number: S5-50-2
Manufacturer: Galaxy Pump & Motor Co
Manufacturer Part No: S5-50-2

56 Frame Saturn Series 5hp 240V, High-performance 56 Frame, 2- speed, 2" side discharge spa pump

The Saturn series wet-ends are designed, engineered, and manufactured in California, USA with the highest quality plastics and US Seals
Those wet-ends then get assembled on Century motors (formally AO Smith Century Lasar, Magnetek), which have a long standing reputation for being the highest quality motors in the industry.
If you are replacing an Aqua-Flo FMXP2 series, XP2 and XP2e or Waterway Plastics EX2 pump, this is a great replacement pump of the same quality and is more affordable.
This pump is more powerful than the other Galaxy Saturn Series pumps. It can be used for larger hot tubs and also great for swim spas.

-5hp, 240V, 56 frame dual speed energy saving motor
-16.4/4.8 AMPS
-2” intake and a 2” discharge - measures approx. 3" OD (outside diameter)
-56 Frame wet end Made in the USA with highest quality plasitc and US Seals
-Can be used as a substitute or retrofit to Aqua-Flo model XP2 or XP2e spa pumps
-Same physical size as Aqua-Flo XP2, XP2e (fits within the same volume envelope)
-Can also be used for replacement of Waterway Plastics EX2 spa pumps


56 Frame Saturn Series:
The 56 frame Saturn pumps are available in the following models:




Saturn 56F, 3HP, 2-Speed, 240V


Saturn 56F, 4HP, 2-Speed, 240V


Saturn 56F, 5HP, 2-Speed, 240V

Direct replacement for Aqua-Flo Flo Master XP2 and XP2e
Waterway plastics EX2 56 frame spa pump

The motor on this pump will replace Part No. Emerson TT506 US Motor, AO Smith Century Lasar, Magnetek Part No. 7-193316-01, Cat No B236,

We Also have Saturn 48 Frame Models available

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