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Galaxy Saturn Series Spa Pump, 56 Frame, 240V, 3hp

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: $340.00
Part Number: S5-30-2
Manufacturer: United Spas
Manufacturer Part No: S5-30-2

56 Frame Saturn Series 3hp 240V, High-performance 56 Frame, 2- speed, 2" side discharge spa pump

The Saturn series wet-ends are designed, engineered, and manufactured in California, USA with the highest quality plastics and US Seals
Those wet-ends then get assembled on Century motors (formally AO Smith Century Lasar, Magnetek), which have a long standing reputation for being the highest quality motors in the industry.
If you are replacing an Aqua-Flo FMXP2 series, XP2 and XP2e or Waterway Plastics EX2 pump, this is a great replacement pump of the same quality and is more affordable.

-3hp, 240V, 56 frame dual speed energy saving motor
-10.0/1.8 AMPS
-2” intake and a 2” discharge - measures approx. 3" OD (outside diameter)
-56 Frame wet end Made in the USA with highest quality plasitc and US Seals
-Can be used as a substitute or retrofit to Aqua-Flo model XP2 or XP2e spa pumps
-Same physical size as Aqua-Flo XP2, XP2e (fits within the same volume envelope)
-Can also be used for replacement of Waterway Plastics EX2 spa pumps


56 Frame Saturn Series:
The 56 frame Saturn pumps are available in the following models:




Saturn 56F, 3HP, 2-Speed, 240V


Saturn 56F, 4HP, 2-Speed, 240V


Saturn 56F, 5HP, 2-Speed, 240V

Direct replacement for Aqua-Flo Flo Master XP2 and XP2e
Related Part numbers: XP2E632022,XP2E2022,93526931,XP2e2522,XP2e632522,93526941,R63MWDLY-173,R63MWDMA-175
The motor on this pump will replace Part No. Emerson TT503 or TT504, AO Smith Century Lasar, Magnetek Part No. 7-187694-01, Cat No B234

We Also have Saturn 48 Frame Models available