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Installing A Heater Element

First, Turn the power to the unit off at the breaker panel.

Second, if you don't have service valves on either side of your spa pack, you may have to drain the hot tub. Loosen the black plastic nut on the right side of your stainless steel tube, that will give you access to the heater element.

Third, remove the front panel of your spa control by loosening the two Phillips screws at the bottom, pull the panel down and away.

Fourth, locate the larger red wires that go from the heater contactor to the heater element, loosen these small bolts and remove them. There might be two black plastic star shapes, covering you 3/4" heater nuts, using a large screw driver, pry them loose and discard them.

Fifth, loosen and remove the 3/4" bolts. The heater element can be pushed up through the two holes and removed out the right side of the stainless steel tube. Simply reverse the procedure to install the new element.

Trouble shooting: Make sure when you power the unit up, that you allow water to run through the heater housing before you turn the heater on. If the heater does not turn on, you might have an air pocket caught inside the tube. Simply turn the power off and loosen one of the black nuts on the heater tube until it drips water, this will allow air to escape. Tighten the black nut, turn the unit back on, it should heat.