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Tecmark command center with Digital Display, 240V

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Part Number: CC2D-240-10I-00,CC3D-240-10I-00,CC4D-240-10I-00
Manufacturer: Tecmark
Manufacturer Part No: CC2D-240-10I-00,CC3D-240-10I-00,CC4D-240-10I-00

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Adapter Plate (Black)
Tecmark command center with Digital Display, 240V,
Available with a 10 ft cord
NOTE: Part # is CC3D -240-06I-00 (06I indicates a 6 ft cord) USE: Part #CC3D-240-10I-00 (10I INDICATES A 10 FT CORD)
THIS 240V COMMAND CENTER IS NOT TO BE USED WITH ANY OF THE NU-WAVE SPA CONTROL MODELS. USE THE 120V MODEL INSTEAD click here. Use the 120V for the Nu-wave Spa Control Supreme Series NU-1000, NU-2000, NU-3000 AND ALL A24 MODELS
- Outside dimensions are 6 1/2" x 3 5/16"
- 6' cord with a 6 prong receptacle that is universal to any pneumatic spa side
- Integrated temperature control is highly accurate
- Features a unique tactile thermostat adjustment dial; each notch is equal to about 1 degree  F
- Digital thermostat with led readout!
- 2 button models are for "Pump" and "Auxiliary"
- 3 button models are for "Jets", "Blower", and "Light"
- 4 button models are for "Jets 1", "Jets 2", "Blower" and "Light" (used for two pump systems)
- Adapter plate available for larger topside replacements. Adapter dimensions:  8-13/16" x 3-5/16"
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Replaces Tecmark Command Center model numbers: CC2D-240-06-X-00, CC3D-240-06-X-00, CC4D-240-06-X-00,
CC2D-240-06-I-00, CC3D-240-06-I-00, CC4D-240-06-I-00,CC2D-240-06I-00,CC3D-240-06I-00,CC4D-240-06I-00 and more.
CC2D-240-10-I-00, CC3D-240-10-I-00, CC4D-240-10-I-00,CC2D-240-10I-00,CC3D-240-10I-00,CC4D-240-10I-00
Replaces Royal Spas 3 Button Command Center Part#TDCC3D-240-06B
CC2D24010I00,CC3D24010I00,CC4D24010I00,CC2D24010I,CC3D24010I,CC4D2CC2D-120-06-I-00, CC3D-120-06-I-00, CC4D-120-06-I-00,CC2D-120-06I-00,CC3D-120-06I-00,CC4D-120-06I-00 CC2D12006I00,CC3D12006I0,<span "arial","sans-serif";="" 115%;="" 255);="" 255,="" rgb(255,="" 8pt;'=""> CC2D-240-06-I-00, CC3D-240-06-I-00, CC4D-240-06-I-00,CC2D-240-06I-00,CC3D-240-06I-00,CC4D-240-06I-00 CC2D24006I00,CC3D24006I0, CC2D-120-10-I-00, CC3D-120-10-I-00, CC4D-120-10-I-00,CC2D-120-10I-00,CC3D-120-10I-00,CC4D-120-10I-00 CC2D12010I00,CC3D12010I0,<span "arial","sans-serif";="" 115%;="" 255);="" 255,="" rgb(255,="" 8pt;'=""> CC2D-240-10-I-00, CC3D-240-10-I-00, CC4D-240-10-I-00,CC2D-240-10I-00,CC3D-240-10I-00,CC4D-240-10I-00 CC2D24010I00,CC3D24010I0 4010I,

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