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United Spas C6V Digital Spa Control System with T7 Topside control, CV11T7S

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: $585.00
Part Number: CLT7,C5L,CL09T7,CV11T7S
Manufacturer: United Spas
Manufacturer Part No: CLT7,C5L,CL09T7,CV11T7S

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United Spas C6 V Digital Spa Control System with T7 Topside control, CV11T7S replaces: C5L, CLT7, CL09T7
3/4 Inch Low-Flow Heater

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We can help you customize your spa control. Just email us  or give us a call (727)944-5525 with any questions.

Standard Features:
- Self-Standing Plastic Control
-Dual-Voltage (120V/240V) Operation*
- T7 Digital Touch-panel Topside
- Topside Adapter/ Extension Face Plate
- 2 Speed 1st Pump Ready w/Cord included 240V/120V -12V
- 1 Speed 2nd Pump Ready 240V/120V - 12A
- Circulation Pump Ready 240V/120V - 2A
- Aux/ Air Blower Ready 240V/120V -12A
- Spa Light Ready w/Cord included 12V -.9A or 120V - 2A
- Ozone Ready 240V/120V -1A
- Audio Ready 240V/120V - 4A
- Low-Flo 3/4"B Stainless Steel Heater with 4kW Titanium Heating Element, Specifically Designed for Use with Low-Flow Circulation Pumps - on a 4' cable.

- 8.5"H X 20.75"W X 6"D

- T7 Topside Dimensions: 5" x 2.5"
- Adapter Face Plate Dimensions:  8-1/4" x 3-3/8"
- The included T7 Topside requires a 1.75" hole saw to install

* Transformer is factory set to 240V incoming power, but can be easily converted to 120V (See C6 Installation Manual).

 When installing you simply need to program the topside to operate the components in your customer's spa!

NOTE: These units come standard with the cords for the light and a two speed primary pump, if additional AMP cords are needed please check out the 'Cords and Receptacles' section of the store. If you order them above with the spa control you will save a couple of dollars.

With the addition of the new dual-voltage transformers, the C6 control series are now the only controls on the market that come out of the box ready to operate at 120V or 240V (3-wire or 4-wire), at 50Hz or 60Hz, and configurable to 40 different hardware configurations. That makes any C6 capable of operating almost any spa, anywhere in the world, right out of the box!

We have a Topside Extension Plate available if you are replacing a larger topside than the T7.  Be sure to order a 1/4" Thermowell/Bushing (dry sensor well/housing) if the spa you are installing the control into doesn't already have one installed. (Available as an option above)

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