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NU-3000, A-24 2-PUMP 230V Supreme Series by Nu-wave Spa Controls

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: $459.00
Part Number: NU-3000
Manufacturer: Nu-Wave Spa Controls
Manufacturer Part No: NU-3000, A-24

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NOW AVAILABLE choose 15 inch or 19 inch (see at the bottom of this page)*
Is your heater connection 1-1/2 inch or 2 inch plumbing?*
Do you need a cord for your main pump?*
Do you need a cord for your 2nd /booster pump?*
Do you need a cord for an air blower?*
Do you need a cord for an ozonator?*
Do you need a light lense kit?*
Add air buttons?*


  • 230V hot tub control *(see below)
  • Extra circuit for 2-spa pump system
  • 24 hour time clock
  • 15 inch stainless steel heater manifold
  • 5.5kw heat capacity
  • J&J mini plug receptacles
  • receptacle for 115V spa air blower*
  • receptacle for 230V 2-speed spa pump*
  • receptacle fpr 115V spa ozonator*
  • receptacle for a 115V or 230V second spa pump*
  • receptacle for a Tecmark topside command center
  • built in 12V spa light
We Now Offer>>a 19 inch model that will replace your older Nu-wave Spa Control Supreme Series. Easy to replace, no plumbing adjustments! Choose above when ordering.
If your stainless steel heater on top of your spa control measures approx 18 inches choose the old style 19 inch model. see below
If your stainless steel heater on top of your spa control measures approx 14 inches choose the A-24 15 inch model. see below
 Also, replaces the West Coast Spa Controls WC-3500 model
  Please Note: The above picture shown with GFCI -The new spa controls no longer have the GFCI *see below
Note: The above pictures of the Nu-wave spa controls may be similar, but not the exact match to your Nu-wave spa control. But the size will measure the same. There are color variations over the years and other minor changes, such as the NU-2000 and the NU-3000 no longer have a built in GFCI , etc.

*IMPORTANT:The National Electric coderequires a separate Ground Fault Circuit Interupter (GFCI) for 230V spa controls. If you are replacing an older model 230V spa control that has a GFCI built in, it must be disconnected and replaced with a separate 50 AMP GFCI at the power source.

*You can not use 230V pumps, blowers or ozonators with the NU-1000 spa control unit. When converting to 230V the NU-1000 will still use 115V spa pumps, 115V air blower and 115V ozonator, not 230V. When converted to 230V the heater will heat at 5.5kw

*If your spa pump is 230V you will need the NU-2000 spa control. And if you have 2 spa pumps (230V) you will need the NU-3000 spa control. Nu-Wave NU-1000, NU-2000 and NU-3000 models all use 115V air blowers and 115V ozonators.
Note: The NU-3000 can be built with the booster pump receptacle for 115V pump. Please call or make a notation in the check out where you will be asked if there are any special instructions.

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